Mar 9th 2019

Zakaib is pleased to present an Evening with ClockLover: Time dies when we’re having fun!

March 9th, ClockLover leads us to countdown to the lost hour as we enter Daylight Savings Time. More info to come!


⏰Performances by:
ClockLover @clockluvr
Irregular Girl @imirregulargirl
Pangaea & Average @pangaeas_planet @averagewife

⏰One-of-a-kind clock by:
Tim(e) Mann @goingtim

⏰Food Styling by:
Emory Hall

⏰DJ Sets by:
Kasem Kydd

Club Chow

⏰ClockLover’s most recent fashion collection will be available for dress up and dancing!

$ Ready-to-wear garments by ClockLover will also be available to purchase. $

$ Crafted CLOCKtails will be for sale. 100% of proceeds will go to support collaborating artists. $

This event is free


ClockLover (Clee McCracken, b. 1993) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work frequently meditates on the queer body, repetition, and joy. All of their work is about Clocks and Time.

About Zakaib:

Zakaib is an artist-run project space located at 3491 N Elston Ave. The space holds exhibitions and programs such as screenings, artist talks, and workshops. We promote work that engages the community of Avondale in expansive art practices that share the intersectional concerns of the people we impact. We have stakes in the livelihood of the artists and neighbors of our communities and are committed to advocating for each other.

There is great urgency and necessity for active spaces that operate on bases of equity and human rights. Zakaib was created out of our frustrations with the behavior of business-like art spaces, and we are continually working to establish a future of art spaces prioritizing ethics and empathy. Exhibitions show work ranging in formats including visual, time-based, and written work. All of our events are always free and open to the public.

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