Mar 16th 2019

Please join Chicago-based artist Jessie Mott with Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg in a discussion and speculative drawing workshop using the 7000 handcrafted pencils currently installed in Seerveld Gallery. As human beings, we project conceptual boundaries to register meaning upon a complex and entangled world. Often useful and innocuous, these named boundaries reflect our beliefs about the world we aim to understand, describe and even control. Interrogating the way that biological classification systems are a means of projecting human desires or epistemological frameworks onto the world of nonhuman beings, we will come together to speculate outside of our human frame and attempt to imagine how we can adapt our understanding of the world and its boundaries in a time of ecological and social precarity.

Jessie Mott is a social worker and visual artist best known for watercolor animal drawings and collaborative animations with the artist Steve Reinke. Mott’s work explores themes of queerness, eroticism, power, and vulnerability. Mott received an MFA from Northwestern University in the department of Art Theory & Practice will receive an MSW from Loyola University Chicago in May.

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