Feb 25th 2019

SAIC Department of Film, Video, New Media and Animation
Grad Talk by Yao-Yi, Wang & Jina Park

-Everything in Its Right Place-

Presentation starts with Yao-Yi, Wang at 4:15 and followed by Jina, Park at 5:00.

MacLean Center
112 S Michigan Ave.
Room 1307

– YAO-YI WANG is a Taipei and Chicago-based Taiwanese filmmaker working with film and video installation. Wang’s practice articulates the impact of several global historical moments to Taiwan after the Cold War as well as the repetition of the history. By making up the absurd and fictional narrative, he presents multiple interpretations to the same history from individual’s memory and explores the possibility of untold truth.

– JINA PARK is a modest, meticulous existentialist. She can go three weeks without any living/actual human to talk with, she only needs books. Half of her body was made of whipped cream, the body of her work is made of huge craving for life. For her, life is a dazzling fear. Being alive is radical.

Jina makes experimental/narrative films focused on female and adolescent. She deals with tensions between the external world and an individual, how they intermingle with social norms, dominant values and stiff frames of the patriarchal world which shape and alter a person’s sense of self. But that was a part of feedback she heard, now she is in the process of re-defining herself. She believes that self exploring of female deserves new language and movement.

Jina will talk about her practices and experiences in grad school. Not necessarily what people need to know, but might be fun. She will talk a lot, also show excerpts from her dark, sensual videos. So don’t worry about questions, show me your faces I like.

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