Feb 16th 2019

With an experimental spirit and contemporary lens, the artists Assaf Evron and Claudia Weber will transform the former McCormick House. Israeli-born Evron will create an installation inspired by Mies’s handmade collages to connect features of architecture with ideas about immigration, including his own personal experiences. The windows will be treated images of Germany and the Middle East furthering a conversation about global citizenship, while also collapsing rational architecture with the natural world. The German-born Weber will actually reside in the other half of the McCormick House. For the duration of the exhibition, she will research the house, create changing installations, showcase the works of Olivia Block and Kate Park, interact with visitors, and host a variety of events. As she lives, works, and exhibits in the space, Weber’s projects will reflect on the structure’s history as a prototypical home and current function as a museum space.

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