Feb 15th 2019

Join us the day after Valentine’s Day for an entertaining (and lovely) evening with sweethearts Kenneth Josephson and Marilyn Zimmerwoman! The couple will present a sideshow and host a stimulating conversation on Friday, February 15th at 6pm sharp!

With humor, stories, and inviting a call and response with the audience, the two will show a storied overview of Ken’s visual production with a narrative of critical thinking. Representing a discerning approach to knowledge, Ken aims to move beyond the surface to an understanding of core, underlying truths – subsequently being able to utilize that knowledge in a manner that allows one to determine what matters most (more than mere mastery of logical skills, at the heartbeat of critical thinking is the longing to know – to understand how life works). May we together raise the vibrations in celebrating the transformative power of love this holiday weekend!

Kenneth Josephson (1932), born in Detroit, was among the first generation of photographers to graduate with a degree in photography from the now fabled Institute of Design, Chicago, where he studied with Aaron Siskind and Harry Callahan. In 1953 he began his teaching career at the School of the Art Institute until his retirement in 1997. In 1999-2000, “Kenneth Josephson: A Retrospective” – a career-embracing exhibition, accompanied by a catalogue, originated at the Art Institute and traveled to the Whitney Museum in New York. Josephson has taken part in numerous exhibitions and his works are in almost every major American museum as well as countless private collections. In 2014, Kenneth Josephson: Selected Photographs was published by the German-based Only Photography. And in 2016, a career-spanning retrospective of Kenneth Josephson’s work, The Light of Coincidence was published by University of Texas Press, Austin.

Marilyn Zimmerwoman changed her name in 2016 stating intentional reclamation of what was once exiled that was sacred and essential to this being human. Professor Emeritus from Wayne State University, she remains connected as an Artist in Residence at the WSU Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, after teaching photography for 40 years where classes were cross-listed by these areas to concertize for each an invitation into becoming a global participatory citizen-artist. Animating the role of the artist as both an agent and an object of desire, she has included, absorbed, subverted and invigorated the namesake Marilyn to a meta-Marilyn as the cultural goddess archetype inviting all to find their own within. In photographs, performance, writing and curation, she celebrates Detroit–Chicago activists and artists, reframes the aging of women, passages of living and dying, and creating social spaces of meaning linking disparate connections and constellating communities.

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