Feb 15th 2019

The members of the inaugural 2nd Floor Co-op programming residency invite you to get a glimpse of art to come in 2019. Featuring an exhibition and a hands-on workshop set to the sonic backdrop of an open jam session, the 2nd Floor Co-op Launch Party is a sampler platter of micro-projects related to the co-op’s artist-run events set to debut this summer.

2nd Floor Co-op is a spinoff of 2nd Floor Rear, Chicago’s annual DIY festival of art in alternative spaces. The co-op channels 2nd Floor Rear’s freewheeling curatorial philosophy and the residents’ artistic practices into a series of intimate creative gatherings. Throughout the year, residents will take turns providing artistic direction for these occasions for shared experience, each holding space for disciplinary irreverence, the personable-as-political, deliberate non-objectivity, and reciprocal weirdness in accord with the lead artist’s vision.

Refreshments generously supplied by Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, Lagunitas, Pipeworks, and Marz Brewing.

Elastic Arts is not ADA accessible
All-gender bathrooms available

Meet the 2nd Floor Co-op:

Adam Zanolini’s highest ambition is to be a community musician: to cultivate and share knowledge through music in order to help heal, strengthen, and empower the Black community. participatorymusiccoalition.org

Drawing on strategies from puppetry, pedagogy, and museum practice, Grace Needlman creates invitations for participants to engage with art and each other in unexpected ways.graceneedlman.com

Katie Vota creates interactive environments and sculptural objects that engage viewers in ideas of play, touch, pleasure, power exchange, and the role of the active body in shaping identity. katievota.com

Working within the intersection of writing, performance, and sculpture, Joshua Kent’s practice explores bounty amidst professed scarcity. joshuajjkent.com

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