Jan 26th 2019

Please join us for a discussion with artists Barbara Cooper, Shona Macdonald, and Yoonshin Park.

About the Exhibition:

Increment, at its simplest level, suggests moving forward in small, compartmentalized steps. Progress may appear slow, deliberate, conscientious, or gradual, but at its foundation lays the notion of measured change. This exhibit focuses on the work of three artists intent on drawing our attention to areas often overlooked or minimized in a world where reaching the end product directly prevails. Cooper explores the tension between nature and industry as a site of reconciliation; Macdonald ponders dislocation and “our transient and fragile hold on earth” through landscapes; and Park embraces the condition of not belonging as an opportunity for growth. All share an interest in the ensuing transformation.

Curated by Adrienne Kochman

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