Jan 22nd 2019

Hideout Residency: Night Three

@ Hideout Inn

1354 W Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Opening Tuesday, January 22nd, from 9PM - 12AM

On view through Tuesday, January 29th

Hight Concept Labs Hideout Residency – Night 3
Tues. 1/22 9PM | 21+ | $8

High Concept Labs and and the Hideout, a historic neighborhood bar and performance venue located in Chicago’s North Branch Industrial Corridor, present HCL’s new Hideout Residency Series, taking place throughout January 2019.

Featuring dynamic, multi-artist performances held at the Hideout, the four-week series showcases the work of HCL’s current and past resident artists in celebration of the organization’s 10th year collaborating with artists and organizations across Chicago to strengthen the city’s creative community.

“When High Concept Labs was first founded in 2009, our first studios were located right across the street from the Hideout – one of Chicago’s most important independent venues and an organization we’ve long counted as a partner in our mission to transform the creative sector by providing an open pathway between artists and communities,” said Billie Howard, artistic director of HCL. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 2019 as HCL’s 10th anniversary year than partnering with the Hideout to showcase the work of our artists.”

Chicago Balinese Gamelan (Sponsored Artist Fall 2017) was formed in September 2017 by Claire Fassnacht with generous support and guidance from Pak Nyoman Mahartayasa, Pak Asnawa Tutde. Comprised of 18 musicians, CBG is a community-centered ensemble that aims to create high-intensity, exciting, quality performances while introducing and engaging communities with Indonesian culture, music and dance through performances, lectures and interactive workshops.

Kate Raney & Jeremy Bessoff (Sponsored Artists Summer 2011)
Kate Raney began animating in college when given an assignment to make a 1 minute animated film. She immediately connected with the materiality and process of animating on film. Initially focusing on reinterpreting fairy tales with a feminist subtext, she turned to appropriating imagery from modern myths – the movies. As a graduate student at UW-Milwaukee, she moved away from 16mm film and began working in digital formats. Her current interests involve combining live action and animation to investigate representation and process in the digital age.
Kate received her graduate degree in Film from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Since then she has taught at Syracuse University and Loyola University Chicago. At present she teaches animation and other classes at Ohio University.
Jeremy Bessoff‘s artistic practice is a mixture of hand-made experimental animation and digital video. As an experimental animator, his practice involves a variety of traditional art techniques. His creative work often includes building sets for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional spaces, sculpted objects, and experimenting with materiality. The hand made objects are then translated, animated and composited through various digital techniques, such as Dragonframe, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. Using the medium of animation and the increasing plasticity of digital manipulation, he investigates moments of flux in history.

Matthew Shelton (Sponsored Artist Fall 2016) has spent the past 25 years pursuing life as a visual artist and as a musician simultaneously. He has arrived at the current intersection where the intricately patterned designs of his lightboxes inform and further the layered poly-rhythms of his mbira-based songs, resulting in bodies of work in two separate mediums that resonate with a singular vision.
Raised in South Carolina, Shelton graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a painting degree. While in school, Shelton wrote and recorded dozens of songs using primitive skills and equipment, performing occasionally. Slowly, Shelton’s music evolved into a powerful solo live show and eventually led to chamber groups performing arrangements the artist had written.
Matthew has lived in Chicago for six years, where he exhibits and performs. He currently fronts his band ExtraOcular and maintains a studio in Humboldt Park.

Cinchel (Sponsored Artist Fall 2016) creates dense musical experiences that convey complex emotions through abstracted sound. Cinchel began playing guitar at the age of 15, influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Glenn Branca. 20 years of experimentation with delay pedals, four-track recorders, feedback, layering, and improvisation has resulted in an internal language of musical emotion, aided by a philosophy of imperfection.
Cinchel has performed around Chicago at various music venues (The Burlington, Subt, Elastic, Hideout, Whistler), record stores (Saki, Lauries Planet of Sound), and DIY/art spaces (Enemy, tritriangle, dfbrl8r, Young Camelot, Comfort Station). Cinchel was selected to be one of the eight performers for Experimental Sound Studio’s Oscillations Series in the winter of 2013. Cinchel has self-released a number of digital releases as well as small run of Tapes, photo-zines, and an LP. Cinchel has had music released on tape/cd through Notes & Bolts, Time Released Sound, and Twice Removed and a number of digital releases on various netlabel sites around the world (Public Spaces lab, feedback Loop, vaporcake).

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