Dec 15th 2018

Join Filter Photo for an artist talk with Colleen Keihm and Nicole Mauser, in conjunction with their current exhibition at Filter Space, Break Here.

In this collaborative two-person exhibition, Keihm and Mauser use photography, painting, collage, and installation to construct abstract disoriented spaces – making marks by removal and absence. The mechanical aspect of film photography by Keihm and exerted muscle memory embedded within painting by Mauser describe similar desires for control yet strategically leave openings in their process for unpredictability. These gaps become spaces for the viewer to inhabit. Physical cuts into material prioritize viewers’ engagement in perception so as to frame the act of looking as subject.

When creating the works, Keihm and Mauser play with forces of light to generate reflection, refraction, absorption and the inherent temporality before light begins escaping or completely erasing the image. Digital preservation efforts of scanning cause objects to advance and recede as graphic incisions ask the viewer to embrace desire and beauty with the in-between spaces. By creating portals or plans, they are constructing new ground to break. Look again, their structural principles and perceivable volume are intended to confuse.

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