Nov 24th 2018

Sudden Impact Series #2 and #3 Nov. 24 and Dec. 14 2018

AIRMW presents the Sudden Impact Series
Tatsu Aoki brings together a new series to facilitate new catalystic events, providing a substratum for Chicago’s musical artists to collaborate and bringing forth different musical experiments.

Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave.

#2 Nov. 24 Saturday 7p.m. $15.00 Suggested Cover

Lab Set one: Reduction Trio (Tatsu Aoki, Jaime Kempkers, Kioto Aoki)
The Reduction Trio
Tatsu Aoki originally conceived Reduction as a creative response to the popular taiko drumming stripped of its musical elements. Reduction argues for upholding the beauty in taiko performance and for its connectivity to aesthetics and musicality. The Reduction Trio is the musical extension of this philosophy, members from the current Miyumi Project: Tatsu Aoki, Jamie Kempkers, and Kioto Aoki, synthesize and weave their vibe as the “Tradition and Diaspora” series continues.

Lab Set two: Suwan Choi/Jeff Chan Duet
Suwan Choi/Jeff Chan Duet
Chicago saxophonist/composer Jeff Chan and international pungmul (traditional Korean percussion) artist Suwan Choi are creating a duet language that is informed by musical practices that include jazz, new/creative music, improvisation and traditional Korean music. Since moving to Chicago in 2015, Suwan has held a key role in raising the profile of the Korean traditional performing arts as well as training a new generation of Korean Americans in this cultural form. He partners with Jeff Chan, who has been an active contributor to the Asian American artistic community and the broader musical landscape since moving to Chicago in 2002.

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