Nov 10th 2018

Erik L. Peterson: Dirt and Stephen Kaltenbach: Slant Step Observations

@ Bert Green Fine Art

8 S Michigan Ave, Suite 620, Chicago IL 60603

Opening Saturday, November 10th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, December 15th

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present our second solo show by Chicago-based Erik L. Peterson, and our third show by the California master conceptual artist Stephen Kaltenbach.

Erik L Peterson creates sculpture that looks at our contemporary cultural and political realities. Using neon, clothing, birdseed, compost, wood, metal, etc., he crafts wry commentaries on the issues of the day. Without being overtly political, but clearly aimed at recognizable targets, Peterson critiques the powerful through satire and craft.

Stephen Kaltenbach has for years made artworks (as have many other Bay Area artists) based on a funky, odd and humorous object: the “Slant Step.” Discovered and purchased in a thrift shop in 1965 by William T. Wiley, who then gave it to Bruce Nauman, when he was a young student, it has remained an obsession of many of his contemporaries over the decades. Our project room show includes several drawings, a multiple, and a video. These works by the usually deadpan Kaltenbach atypically embrace the humorous spirit of the Slant Step tradition.

Kaltenbach’s classic “slantstep2” multiple will also be included (along with Slant Step works by Wiley and Nauman) in the concurrent exhibition “West by Midwest” opening November 17th at the MCA Chicago, which illuminates the ways that contemporary art practices spread and develop by tracing the intersecting lives of artists who have migrated from the Midwest to the West Coast since the mid-20th century.

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