Oct 1st 2018

Imaginary Advice is an experimental storytelling podcast, written and produced by Scottish author Ross Sutherland. Each episode takes a different format, combining essay, fiction, poetry and memoir, as Ross explores the ways that stories shape our lives.

Since creating the podcast in 2014, Sutherland has recorded a love story at a drum and bass rave, made cut-up poetry from other radio shows, taught an artificial intelligence how to perform stand-up, and turned a Jay-Z album into an art gallery audio guide.

For this special live edition of Imaginary Advice, Ross will be presenting a night of stories, essays and poetry never before heard on his podcast. Each piece is inspired by a piece of found video footage: ten seconds of an Irish news broadcast is transformed into a Renaissance painting, an old videotape of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reconnects Sutherland to his late grandfather, a TED talk is pulled apart and rebuilt to analyze our dreams.

This is his sole U.S. live date in 2018.

“Few people are as skilled at turning moments of regret into transcendent, artistic works […] One of podcasting’s brightest lights” – AV Club, Podmass

“As close as you can get to an audible psychedelic trip” – Stylist Magazine, Top 50 Podcasts


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