Oct 19th 2018

The mid-century love affair between advertising, design, and modernism united the Goldsholls with peers in the vanguard of film and television from coast to coast. This program gathers together dazzling experimental and commissioned films by such celebrated figures as Charles and Ray Eames, Jim Henson and Saul Bass, alongside rarely-screened gems by innovators Fred Mogubgub and Francis Thompson. Lynn Spigel, Northwestern Professor of Screen Cultures, will introduce, situating the Goldsholls within the history explored in her book, TV By Design: Modern Art and the Rise of Network Television.

N.Y., N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1957, USA, 16mm, 15 min.)
Time Piece (Jim Henson, 1965, USA, 16mm, 9 min.) Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive
The Pop Show (Fred Mogubgub, 1966, USA, 16mm, 7 min.)
From Here to There (Saul Bass, 1964, USA, Digital, 9 min.)
Information Machine (Charles and Ray Eames, 1972, USA, 16mm, 10 min.)
Foote, Cone & Belding–25th Anniversary Presentation Reel (Mort and Millie Goldsholl, 1967, USA, Digital, 3 min.)
Sears Sox (Chick Strand, Pat O’Neill, Neon Park, 1969, USA, 16mm, 5 min.) Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

Part of the film series “Designers in Film: The Cinematic World of the Goldsholls”

This film series complements and extends the Block’s exhibition Up Is Down: Mid-Century Experiments in Advertising and Film at the Goldsholl Studio with five programs of films produced by the Chicago-based Goldsholls, their collaborators, influences, and contemporaries. Presenting a wide spectrum of classic and rarely-seen experimental cinema, animation, and commissioned films, Designers in Film explores the playful and innovative atmosphere of 20th-century moving image-making in which Morton and Millie Goldsholl took a central place.


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