Sep 14th 2018

As a component of Weight of a World, artist and teacher Rebecca Keller will guide the latest chapter in her ongoing series of Excavating History projects. Rebecca, with the assistance of Claire Arctander, will lead a group of creative people in a generative project as they collectively ask:

What is history? Who writes it? How do objects intersect with it? How is it represented? What effects can differing interpretations of the past have? How can history, especially as it is presented publicly, serve as a catalyst for art-making?

How are memory and history made manifest? What is the difference between an archive, a memorial, a monument?

Join us for a public presentation of works that grapple with these questions in registers both intimate and expansive by participating artists Jeanette Andrews, Jeremy Bolen, Jaclyn Jacunski, Jesse Malmed, Ruth Margraff, Maggie Queeney, Patrick ‘Q’ Quilao, Alison Ruttan, Ruby Thorkelson & Stacy Tolbert. This event will serve as a closing reception for Weight of a World.

Conceived of as a tool, Weight of a World presents artworks that elicit lessons to be learned – and to be taught – from global conflict, local lore, and cultural identity. Presented in partnership with Facing History and Ourselves, Weight of a World comprises sculptures, paintings, film, and supplementary programming that pivot upon two vast, inextricable categories: history and identity. The works on view recognize the roles of individuals within the long arc of history: how we are formed by our contexts, and how we may impact what comes next.

Artists: Alison Ruttan, Deborah Stratman, and Orkideh Torabi, with a program by Rebecca Keller.

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