Sep 30th 2018

Lost & Found


2351 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Sunday, September 30th, from 12PM - 5PM

On view through Sunday, September 30th

Lost & Found is part 4 of BBQLA’s american fine arts, an allegory for americas and takes place as a one day event in Chicago, in a former apartment gallery and storefront windows on Milwaukee Ave. in Logan Square.

The event will feature poetry by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, Matt Kelsey, and more at 2PM and a performance by Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack at 4PM.

There will be barbecue + drinks throughout the day

Two locks on side of the road in Scandia, MN. One button-up shirt and someone’s pants at Garry Noland’s house in Independence, MO. I left my purse at a barbecue spot in Nashville. A phone charger in New York City. Daniel forgot his green tea at Jorge’s. One lost sock (of course) in Chattanooga. Lost a tassel in Chelsea. One L-bracket somewhere in Omaha. A wallet outside a hotel in OKC. A driver’s license in Cincinnati. One existential crisis in Tulsa. One mental breakdown in a backyard on Signal Mountain. 13 tears in the front of the truck at a gas station in Texas…

We lost hope along the way and found it again, we lost weight along the way and found a kitten to replace it, we lost patience with each other and we learned how to live.

a crisis is:

-a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.
-an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life.
-a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.
-the turning point of a disease (in our own words: the human condition) when an important change takes place, indicating either recovery or death.

You’re burning daylight, time to shit or get off the pot.

Artists in the show are: Skyler Bieberly + Priscilla Petralie, Andrea Marie Breiling, Kenneth Curwood, Brock DeBoer, Harley Lafarrah Eaves, Jamie Felton, Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack, Daniel Gibson, Sebastian Gladstone, Stephanie Rose Guerrero, Maria Guzman Capron, Juan Pablo Hernandez, Casey Kauffmann, William Keihn, Koak, Brandon Landers, Maria Maea, Morgan Mandalay, April Martin, Bruna Massada, Kylen McMorran, Dustin Metz, Mabel Moore, Sydney Rains, Marisa Raygoza, Andrew Roberts, Jose Dejesus Rodriguez, Ruben Rodriguez, Lydia Rosenberg, Edward Salas, Camille Schefter, Kira Shewfelt, Alake Shilling, Emma Stern, Corri-Lynn Tetz, Ashley Wick, Wade Winslow.

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