Sep 22nd 2018

“Let’s Play Ketchup!” is a duo exhibition featuring both new collaborative and personal works between Red (Reddor Santiago) and Vivian Le. The show derives its overarching narrative from the history of ketchup, which both agree directly reflects their experiences growing up as Asian-Americans

Serving as one of the quintessential condiments of classic American cuisine, one can make the common assumption that “ketchup” was born in the states. Surprise– the journey of “ketchup” started in the East before it made its way across the ocean to our hamburgers! Originally a pickled fish brine, ketchup didn’t include any tomatoes in its recipe until late in its history after it was introduced to the United States in the 18th-19th centuries. Funny enough– “keh jap” in contemporary Cantonese means “tomato sauce.” However, “ketchup’s” roots are usually traced back to Hokkien and Malay: “kêchiap/kecap” meaning “fish brine.”

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