Sep 6th 2018

Good News

@ Ralph Arnold Gallery, Loyola University Chicago

1131 W Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60660

Opening Thursday, September 6th, from 5PM - 7PM

On view through Friday, October 5th

Good News

Participating Artists
Sonja Thomsen
Kate McQuillen
Alberto Aguilar
Benjamin Larose
Mika Horibuchi

Good news is hard to come by. More and more, artists have a responsibility to respond critically to our political climate, our social inequalities, or our moral shortcomings.  Unfortunately, bad news is all around us.  In this moment, is there room for work that uplifts? Can positivity and authenticity offer a salve for our current condition?   What is the role of work that finds spiritual meaning in color and form or seeks the sublime through the act of making? Have you heard the good news?

Curated by Betsy Odom and Rafael E. Vera

Image: Kate McQuillen, Were Your Senses Move Vivid Than Usual Part 2

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