Sep 29th 2018


@ Soccer Club Club

2923 N Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60641

Opening Saturday, September 29th, from 8PM - 11PM

On view through Friday, October 26th

Soccer Club Club is pleased to present Domestic Evil 2: an exhibition assembling works by Elsa Hansen Oldham, Oksana Todorova (OKS) and Sara Sachs.Three women in three different phases of their lives come together again to embrace, to the point of near destruction, practices of domesticity and femalehood in/as fine art.
About The Artists:

Sara Sachs
Sara Sachs was born in North Carolina, raised in New York and currently works out of Westport, CT and the Lower East Side. Sara grew up in the years after WW II when the roles of females were strictly circumscribed. Like a lot of girls at the time, she was introduced to needlework in the matriarchal tradition that preceded her. It was only as a mature adult, inspired by her son, the artist Tom Sachs, that she broke from that tradition and found her own voice. Her subject matter changed from anodyne axioms to edgy, in your face images/statements. When her children were in school full time, Sara decided to pursue a nursing career and, after getting her degree, worked in hospitals and physicians offices for 15 years. It was during this time that she became infatuated by (obsessed with?) medical drawings from Japan’s Edo period. This can be seen in “Ouch” and “Alopecia,”. Meanwhile, she continued to manage a household employing self taught handywoman skills necessary for that task. Some of the objects of her devotion from those efforts can be seen in “Triptych.”

Elsa Hansen Oldham
Elsa Hansen Oldham currently lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was born in 1986. She creates deceptively simple cross-stitch embroidery pieces on fabric. Her embroidered figures often depict provocative comparisons of public and religious figures, offering an unexpected take on popular events, politics and society. Cross-stitch embroidery flourished during the Tang dynasty (618-906 AD) in China and spread via trade routes through the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In its most elaborate form, including the famed Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery became a device for storytelling. Imbuing the technique with a minimal, stripped-down aesthetic and portraying contemporary figures, she intertwines tradition and pop culture. Hansen Oldham took up cross-stitching while collaborating on film projects. It was a way to fill time during the editing process. She experimented with various designs until she came across Minipops, small pixelated drawings of famous people created by the British artist Craig Robinson. At first inspired by the figures found on his hit cult website, she realized that pixels translated directly to cross-stitching and began to create her own cast of characters. Juxtaposing historical with contemporary pop figures Elsa’s work transcends her cross-stitch figures into an embroidered universe often with witty narrative allowing the view to uniquely interpret each patchwork and quilt. She studied outdoor recreation at Western Kentucky State University in Bowling Green and in 2008 took a position as an Urban Park Ranger in Brooklyn, New York. She then became an assistant to well-known sculptor Tom Sachs and collaborated with experimental filmmaker Van Neistat. The artist shows and is represented by Dickinson Roundell, Inc in New York City.

Musical Performance by Will Oldham & Cooper Crain

Oksana Todorova
“OKS” (Oksana Todorova) is a New York based artist and born and raised in the USSR. Since childhood, Oks grew up being exposed to different types of art and graduated from art school in her native country. She moved to New York City in 1993 and has been working with Tom Sachs since 1997. OKS works with different mediums, including ceramics, painting, drawing, and pyrography. Her work amalgamates life and art, challenging the idea that art isn’t just delicate decorations but functional objects. OKS plays with themes of power, consumerism, music, sex, human relations and role of female in contemporary society. Her first solo show was Toxic Vice at A+E Studios in September through November of 2016. OKS’s work has also been exhibited in Tom Sachs’s Bodega at the Brooklyn Museum in April through August of 2016, Palma, Palmiers, Palm at Dickinson Roundell, New York in July of 2016, Dicks at Fortnight Institute in November through December of 2016 and Domestic Evil at Dickinson Roundell, New York in September through October of 2015.

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