Sep 21st 2018

Art off the Canvas

@ Jeffrey Breslow Gallery

1015 W Fulton Market St, Chicago IL, 60607

Opening Friday, September 21st, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Friday, September 21st

Join us for an evening of celebration of art work off the canvas! Featuring fiber artist Kris Clemmons and Sculptor Jose Mich

About Jose Mich:

Jose Mich (Mexican, b. 1978) is an artist and sculptor who draws inspiration from folk lore of his native Mayan culture. Now 40, born and always living in Piste, Tunum, 1 mile from the world-famous archeological site Chichen Itza, Jose started to carve in stone at age 9 but found his passion and his gift in wood at age 12. The artists in his family noticed genius in his work teaching him as apprentice until his 20s.

Jose Mich makes his own tools for carving and painting. He cuts the cedar wood used in his sculptures from the nearby jungles. Only trees approximately 15 years old or more are used, and these trees must be cut only when the moon is full to insure the best quality wood. He has developed a special process of pigments including unique mixes of shoe polish known as “El Oso”.

Jose’s designs are rich in detail depicting various themes and characters in Mayan Mythology. You will see the duality of life in much of his work along with central themes of the 4 Mayan elements fire, water, air and earth along with serpents, jaguars and well-known Mayan figures such as Kukulcan, important God of Air and Water. It is for Kukulcan that Chichen Itza was built and one of Jose Mich’s important inspirations.


Kris Clemons’s Artist statement:

“The possibilities for evocative sculptural forms and the tactile
experience of materials fuel my interest in the medium of fiber.
My sense of color, form and composition is greatly influenced by my earlier career as a graphic designer. I work primarily with manila rope because I am drawn to its strength and harshness in contrast to the smoother, softer textures of ribbon and yarns. When used together, the qualities of these materials reinforce my explorations of the contradictions and contrasts found in both nature and life.
Freedom from constraints is a recurring theme in my work. The
resilience and perseverance that it takes to gain that freedom takes on many forms as each work evolves, from depicting quiet struggles to exuberant escapes.”

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