Sep 2nd 2018

Join the Chicago Skillshare Network and Petty Crocker on Sunday, September 2nd for an Aloe Propagation Workshop! Participants will learn how to propagate aloe from a mother plant, as well as the aloe plant’s uses and healing properties.

This event is black-led and POC-centered. We respectfully ask that any white folks attending be mindful of the space they take up at this event.

Itunuoluwa Ebijimi (aka Petty Crocker aka The Wife of Wrath) is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, and shea butter entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois. She is the current sole owner and operator of “Petty Butter,” an all natural skincare line featuring shea butter mixes, blacksoaps, and more. Ebijimi’s art and business integrate mediums such as photography, fashion, and music/performance with cultural histories of west-Africa/ the Afro-diaspora, holistic beauty practices, and decolonial theories. Ebijimi explores themes of Blackness, femininity, queerness, and post-colonial community-building. She has performed and exhibited work throughout the city of Chicago, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Gallery 400, Berlin Nightclub, Smartbar, and various apartment galleries. You can find Itunuoluwa Ebijimi and Petty Butter at

The #BreathingRoom space is #LetUsBreathe’s arts, healing, & organizing hub on Chicago South Side. It is a Black-led liberatory space that produces cultural events, builds coalition with the Chicago resistance community, and incubates programs that aim to force prisons and policing into obsolescence. It is located at 1434 W 51st Street.


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