Aug 23rd 2018

“Life was never dull at 1524 during the dual occupancy of the Countiss’. They enjoyed the confidence of a great number of people from all walks of life and in a wide variety of occupations. They were constantly meeting new people both through business relationships and friendships and were thus exposed to many problems and their ultimate solutions – sharing knowledge, enjoying experiences and watching new industries emerge – was Chicago’s game of the day.” – Henrietta Countiss Vieta, This House That Was Once a Home

When Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive was only a two lane road 100 years ago, this house where the International Museum of Surgical Science stands was once a home. This House Was Once a Home is an exhibition highlighting the first and only family to live at 1524 North Lake Shore Drive: the Countiss Residence built for Eleanor Robinson Countiss Whiting.

Step back in time to the early days of our mansion’s history in This House Was Once a Home to discover the past lives and livelihoods of the family that ate, played and dreamt here, and called this mansion Home.

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