Aug 24th 2018

{\} Ô {\} ∆ ‡ | Ô {\} T a n g e n t i a l U n s p a c e A r t L a b in collaboration with s+s project presents BioPharmacoMythology- A Dancer’s Reward, a new body of work by Sofia Moreno.

a three-day event

f r i d a y A u g u s t 2 4
8 p – 1 2 a
Gallery opening of BioPharmacoMyhtology.

{\} Ô {\} ∆ ‡ | Ô {\} T a n g e n t i a l U n s p a c e A r t L a b in collaboration with s+s project brings together a selection of recent works on paper, mixed-media,collaged paintings and sculptures by Sofia Moreno. Collectively, the works in “BioPharmacoMythology- A Dancer’s Reward” address subjects that have long permeated Moreno’s practice gender, environmental terrorism, personal mythologies, material histories,and the ancient roots of perversion. Moreno’s work confronts the violence of medical waste and industrial capitalism,as well as its fundamental relationship to her trans body—a violent and erotic dance whose legacy has shaped romantic and exploitative inequities that persist today.


s a t u r d a y A u g u s t 2 5
3 – 6 p
Natural Dye and Re-purposed Fabric Skill-Share:

Sofia Moreno/’s work is trash! Saturday, Sofia shares her approach to materials and the significance of understanding your relationship to what you already have at your disposal. Take back your trash and toss your garbage ideas about disposability. Peel. Smash. Grind. Drench. Boil it down until dissolves it into a solution that pours over you. Dye a little.

bring with you:
white/light fabric that you already have
needles and thread
plastic bottles
relevant knowledge / techniques – sharing works all ways
++more to share if able++


s u n d a y A u g u s t 2 6
3 – 6 p
Collage n’ T

Cut, collage, and sip tea with Sofia for an informal afternoon of material manipulation.

bring with you:
magazines, newspaper, picture books, encyclopedia britannicas
sequin, beads, gems, shells, buttons, amber encrusted mosquitos
fundamental elements of your existence / resistance
scissors and other slicing blades
needle and thread
mug for tea
whatever you feel


Established in 2009, s+s project is a nomadic cultural organization integral in contemporary culture and cultural exchange in Chicago. It has worked with numerous artists and organizations to promote creativity and provoke transformation. In 2016 s+s project embarked on a new direction to facilitate and foster dialogue between Mexican and international artists across generations.

In establishing the space for cross cultural communication, this organization fostered the opening of gates where oracles, architects, healers, and revelers, provocateurs, creatures, and hybrids might operate freely. Here, the call for creative generation exists inseparable from the illumination of pervasive social ills. Currently it serves as an incubator where creatives can innovate ways of approaching and solving the dilemmas facing their audience.

In addition to its committed exhibition program and cultural exchange , s+s project is currently working on a book, digital media archives, various publications, and an international residency program in Mexico City.

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