Aug 23rd 2018

We’ll be hosting Parita Shah and Ritualbox (Ash Windbigler) for a special pop up this Thursday. Expect wine & cheese and otherworldly artwork!

Parita Shah:

Parita is a highly organized, sentient pile of dust who finds herself gathering memories in the modern Midwest. All the other complex creatures made of ash and silt make her want to cry. So she uses print and drawing to capture their likeness and so she feels less alone.


Ash Windbigler is a Chicago transplant originating from the somewhat rural, kind of urban town of Elkhart, Indiana. In 2012 she completed a BFA in printmaking from Herron School of Art & Design in Indianapolis. Since graduating, Ash has become something of a self-taught painter. Her style mixes thick layers of paint in bright pops of colors with obsessive delicate line work. The dreamy elements in her work suggest a certain pop-surrealist aesthetic, but her style ultimately refuses to be clearly categorized.

Ash’s work is a personal recollection of vague memories, past tragedies and vivid nightmares. Her paintings’ dark subject matter is heavily masked and decorated with classic cartoons, cheery colors and the warm feeling of childhood innocence, making the disturbing contents easier for the unsuspecting viewer to swallow. While Ash’s work is deeply personal, she understands how to play by society’s rules: Feelings are an eyesore. Continue with caution.

Her show “Eyesore” is currently on display at Bite Cafe, adjacent to the Empty Bottle.

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