Aug 16th 2018

Join us for a field trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art with past resident, Amanda Cervantes!

When: Thursday, August 16th @ 6pm

Where: National Museum of Mexican Art // 1852 w. 19th st

Amount: Free admission!

Chaperone: Amanda Cervantes & Jenn Sova

Info: The museum has a public program coinciding with their exhibition, Arte Diseño Xicágo. We’ll meet at the museum for “Conversations en Community: Artistas Mexicanas & Mujeres in the Local Arts” which includes a screening and panel. We will find a spot nearby for a drink and chat with artist and past resident, Amanda Cervantes about the event and her creative practice.

About Conversations en Community: Artistas Mexicanas & Mujeres in the Local Arts //
A glimpse into mujerista arts organizing and activism in 1970s Pilsen. Come to a video screening of Eleanor Boyer and Karen Peugh’s Festival de Mujeres (1979) and panel moderated by interdisciplinary artist, researcher, and educator Nicole Marroquin, honoring the work of Malú Ortega, Diana Solís, and Karen Peugh.

About Amanda Cervantes //
Amanda Cervantes is a queer multi-disciplinary artist. Her work primarily lies in constructing archives and stories through found objects, family photos and other cultural ephemera. Using, photography, video and first person accounts she questions cultural and societal patterns and expectations that manifest themselves within her own family. She received a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has done community outreach and education at both Gallery 400 and the Art Institute of Chicago.

About Overlook Field Trips //
Overlook Field Trips are a way to connect with a creative community and explore Chicago’s cultural happenings together. Ever wanted to go to a play or opening but couldn’t find someone to go with? Yea, so have we – so let’s go together! Each Field Trip will include an Overlook Chaperone to make sure the group feels supported and will offer to meet for coffee or a drink after the trip to talk about their trip, connect with one another, and inspire further conversation. Field Notes has generously donated notebooks for participants!

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