Aug 30th 2018

Mixed-media muralist, interdisciplinary artist, educator, and 3Arts Award recipient Juan Carlos Perez will be sharing his finished piece for the community project “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” His creation reflects the emotions and topics influencing his recent work, focusing on the ongoing acts of displacement, identity erasure, and cultural decimation that are taking place in our communities.

Juan-Carlos Perez has joined forces with Hyde Park Art Center’s Deputy Director Hilesh Patel, and artist, educator and cultural worker Sílvia Inez Gonzalez to address these issues. During the event, Hilesh Patel will lead an interview with Perez, followed by a panel discussion facilitated by Silvia Inez Gonzalez.

Immigration, racism, violence, and religion target disenfranchised communities. These sentiments are still present today, impacting how black and brown people struggle to fit into the larger equation in this country. Come to the table to engage in the essential discussion.

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