Aug 18th 2018

Fresh Linens


6344 N Wayne Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

Opening Saturday, August 18th, from 7PM - 12AM

There is a freshness in clothing once you take them out of the laundry. The incubation period of your second skin swirling around in the machine. Digesting, cleaning, rebuffing, out with the old as they say. Textures change, wrinkles stay and then get steamed, bleached by the sun and time.

It is of you, it is from you, it is for you, and new to us.
Never before seen, heard, performed. It has been washing, twisting, churning in our stomachs, minds, eyes, hearts for many moments now.

Come see it.

Presented by YOYVYL, curated by Erica Moran and Izah Ransohoff.

Fresh Linens is a backyard show of all new performative work by:
Lauren Steinberg feat. Catie Rutledge
Kellie Wyatt
Ji Yang
Imani Elizabeth Jackson
Wade Howard
Chris Deakin
Raffa Reuther
Catrina Chen & Ivy Ledford
Tanner Bowman
Jordan Harris

Yard opens at 7. Performances promptly at 8pm.
Party to follow afterward inside the building.

The yard is wheelchair accessible, while the building is not unfortunately.

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