Aug 22nd 2018

Full Spectrum Features Chicagoland Shorts Volume 4

Inspired by this community’s unparalleled diversity and
artistic excellence, Full Spectrum Features has rated the
best film work of women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+
community into Chicagoland Shorts, a traveling anthology
and tribute to our city that has screened across Cook
County and nationally from Seattle to New York. The artists in our collection are diverse, prolific, genre-bending,
and quintessentially Chicago.

Curated by: Raul Benitez, Lori Felker, Sarah Rubin and Anahita Ghazvinizadeh.

Program Notes:

Solar Pulse
Solar Pulse is an experimental film that abstracts
images from real life with modular
Dena Springer | 2014 | 3:11

4 Things to Remember
An unreliable voice(s) travels through association
and uncertainty, struggling to
remember details of their childhood and
events unfolding around them.
Hannah Simon Kim | 2016 | 8:59

The Lingerie Show
Drug-addict Lorraine and her boyfriend Caesar
are having a nightmarish 24 hours until
Lorraine calls up her sister, CiCi, for help.
Laura Ann Harrison | 2015 | 8:14

The Magic Hedge
The Magic Hedge explores a bird sanctuary
located on a former Cold War Nike missile
site on the north side of Chicago.
Frédéric Moffet | 2016 | 8:59

A popular African American student, Olivia, is
outed by her friends after she acts on feelings
for a new girl at her high school.
Written by Janaya Greene
SEITH MANN | 2015 | 19:20

On The Rink
There’s nothing like a good skate.
Benjamin V Buxton | 2017 | 8:31

And You the Bell
A woman carries out elements of a daily routine,
moving back and forth between habit,
memory, and hallucination.
Ellie Hogeman | 2017 | 9:00

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra
Paranormal researcher and experimental composer
Michael Esposito straddles the line between
spiritual and material, asking the audience
to reflect on our purpose, legacy and what our
actions say about who we are.
Shayna Connelly | 2017 | 7:10

Something to Move In
This musical manifesto remixes late 1960s political
dialogue with modern dance to resuscitate
a bygone revolutionary thrust.
Latham Zearfoss | 2014 | 4:31

Total run time: 82 minutes

About Full Spectrum Features:
Full Spectrum Features is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization committed to increasing diversity in the
media arts by producing, exhibiting, and supporting the work
of women, LGBTQ, and minority filmmakers.

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