Jul 19th 2018

Join us for an interactive and immersive performance of the multidisciplinary, multinational collaboration between Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studios in Giza, Egypt, and Erica Mott Productions from Chicago. This performance will augment the exhibition Mycelial: Street Parliament on the first two weekends of the show. The gallery space becomes an immersive platform where embodied experience and kinesthetic empathy can spark deeper conversation around “otherness” and artistic practice as cultural diplomacy.

Mycelial: Street Parliament is an interactive exhibition that examines civic participation, social movements and interconnectedness in the digital age. Developed through a series of one-to-one cultural exchanges between Egyptian and American musical composers, dancers, technologists and new media artists, the work draws on the experiences of activists during the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Egyptian Revolution (Arab Spring) of 2011. The exhibition explores questions such as: what are our embodied experiences of occupation and revolution? where does resistance live outside of demonstrative actions and protests? how can we create an experience that reflects the rate, rhythm, and density of a social uprising?
*Your $25 suggested donation goes exclusively to support Erica Mott Productions’ Mycelial: Street Parliament.

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