Jul 14th 2018

On Saturday, July 14th, Anja Bruehling will offer an Artist Talk in The Rangefinder Gallery, where she will talk about two of her ongoing projects and her approach to documentary and street photography. She will then take us on a photo walk, where she teaches our small group about her style and process of Street photography. And, you can use a Tamarkin Camera Leica Camera if you wish… just let us know ahead of time.

Anja Bruehling grew up in Germany and in 2000, her career brought her to the US where she now resides in Chicago. She has worked and travel to over 60 countries. Her travels have allowed her to experience and explore different cultures, meet people, make friends and look beyond the surface.
Anja’s passions are people, diverse cultures and the human condition. As a photographer she makes her observations thru her eyes, heart and camera. She wants the world to see and remember places, prosperity, beauty, love, people and the socio economic problems they face. Anja’s work has been exhibited and published national and internationally. Most notably as selected winner in American Photography 31, 32 and 33 and recently she was award in 4 categories of the prestigious Julia M Cameron Award.

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