Jun 2nd 2018

Much of the digital forms we interact with have unseen calibration methods, perhaps the most well-known would be facial recognition technology. As technology grows smarter, how can we calibrate ourselves in resistance to these measures? Participants are asked to bring images of their ancestors, however they so define.

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About the workshop series:
Taking place over three sequential Saturdays, Which Ancestors Do We Run Towards? is an intensive designed to support spiritual stamina and emotional resilience.

Led by Mev Luna and a series of guest facilitators, each week will focus on a different aspect of intergenerational healing. Exercises focus on visualization and somatic practices while incorporating contemporary theory, technology, and conversation.

Participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions for maximum benefit.

Full list:
Saturday June 2, 2-5pm: Digital Presencing

Saturday June 9, 2-5pm: By Invitation Only

Saturday June 16, 2-5pm: Deep Genealogy Coaching for the Faint of Heart

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