Jun 15th 2018

Spend an evening at the Nature Museum with celebrated illustrator/author Katrina van Grouw as she discusses her new book, Unnatural Selection, a lavishly-illustrated survey of how evolution is expressed in selective breeding. Enjoy drinks, light refreshments, and live taxidermy demonstrations. Book signing to follow. Admission includes one complimentary beverage and access to all museum exhibits, including the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven.

Unnatural Selection is a stunningly illustrated book about selective breeding—the ongoing transformation of animals at the hand of man. More importantly, it’s about selective breeding on a far, far, grander scale; a scale that encompasses all life on Earth. We’d call it evolution. A world away from academic textbooks, books by Katrina van Grouw combine science and art in ways which challenge accepted genres. They’re works equally intended for scientists and artists, indeed anyone with an appreciation of beautiful books and the natural world. Katrina will talk about Darwin, evolution and selective breeding, discuss the challenges and rewards of her work, and relate some interesting tales of anatomical preparation.

Presented in partnership with Illinois Science Council

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