Jun 27th 2018

From cave paintings to Banksy, this slideshow chat will explore the concept of street art and its effect on the community and society as a whole. Join the conversation with the top tier of Puerto Rico’s public art scene, including speaker Juan Ramón Gutiérrez A.K.A. Stencil Network and special guest Alexis Bousquet, founder of Santurce Es Ley.

Murals in Hermosa and Logan Square

Artists from Santurce es Ley and Instituto de Subcultura will be painting a total of three murals in Hermosa (4049 W. Armitage Ave.) and Logan Square (The 606 / Humboldt Blvd.) commissioned by Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center with the generous support of the Chicago Community Trust and the Fund for Safe and Peaceful Communities. Their first visit to Chicago will be marked by an art installation at The 606 on June 23, 2018 and four community events surrounding the concept, creation, and execution of these murals.

About Borinken Me Llama

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center (SRBCC), Chicago’s longest-standing Puerto Rican cultural center, introduces Borinken Me Llama, a new multi-arts series for 2018 that explores the Puerto Rican experience, featuring emerging and established artists hailing from the island in collaborative partnerships with Chicago-based artists of the Diaspora.

Borinken Me Llama (Borinken is Calling or “Calling Me”) addresses the humanitarian emergency brought on by both Puerto Rico’s economic crisis and the devastation wrought by Hurricane’s Irma and María through a series of events, performances and community talks with visiting artists. Conversations will range from the current status of the art industry in Puerto Rico, and the role of art in community building throughout the island, to the innovative ways in which artists are reinventing themselves to build a sustainable post-María economy. Each community show is followed by a conversation with the artist and a reflection on the current status of Puerto Rico.

Most events will take place at SRBCC’s 6,000 square foot multi-arts space located at 4048 W. Armitage Avenue in Chicago’s Hermosa neighborhood.

Generous support for Borinken Me Llama is provided by The Chicago Community Trust.

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