Jun 30th 2018

Afro-Caribbeans play an important role in hip-hop, but their contributions are routinely erased in the culture’s history. Dancehall, reggaeton and hip-hop emerged simultaneously as music of socially and politically oppressed people, and have direct sonic kinship with each other. Celebrate the infamous dancehall queens and reggaeton artists whose aesthetics and musical contributions influenced hip-hop culture. Uplift the existence of queer Caribbean people, who are underrepresented in nightlife spaces and wider pop culture. The party will showcase the first dancehall queen Carlene Smith, Jamaican film star Audrey Reid, reggaeton artist Ivy Queen, and soul train dancer Rosie Perez. Come dressed in your dancehall & reggaeton best.

Created by A Tribe Called Cxnt, a hip-hop squad of creatives hosting a platform for hip hop on the edge, focusing on queer, trans, & gender expansive culture makers of color.

Performer Bio:

Cqqchifruit (Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero) is a queer AfroCuban and Puerto Rican artist and DJ from Miami whose creative works center the complex nature of Caribbean ancestries. Through elaborate performances and grand installations, they radically include queer Caribbean identities in nightlife and in the creation of safe spaces. Originally from Miami, they are the co-founder of Chicago’s TRQPITECA, a party that celebrates queer Caribbean aesthetics, and an organizer of Chances Dances.

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