Jun 23rd 2018

Fran Mendes Levitin and Ian MacClachlen: Spider web

@ Wedge Projects-Extension

1442 Howard St, Chicago, IL 60626

Opening Saturday, June 23rd, from 6 PM - 9 PM

On view through Wednesday, July 13th

Art made with residual materials makes visible the potential energy buried in our trash. According to Jussi Parikka, “Media may disappear in a popular sense, but it never dies: it decays, rots, reforms, remixes, and gets gets historicized, reinterpreted and collected. It either stays as a residue in the soil and in the air as concrete dead media, or is reappropriated through artistic, tinkering methodologies”. We design our installations by repurposing scavenged and second hand materials. We envision how residual materials from our local environment can function practically and artistically. Materials joined with provisional fasteners (clips, wire, twine, twist ties, etc.) enable us to reconfigure and refine the positioning of the materials over time, making the installation dynamic and the process organic. The resulting work is a system that transfigures the space by reanimating discarded artifacts

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