Jun 9th 2018

Dutch artist Eelco is known and revered all over the world, by all ages, but in Chicago he is best known for his 4 story mural on the Chicago Truborn building. Last April he traveled to Chicago from the Netherlands to paint this beautiful mural in just 4 days! Chicagoans have been clambering to see his work beyond the wall, as in, his studio work… and June 9th, that dream becomes a reality. All new studio works ranging in price and size will be offered for the first time ever in Chicago.

Two new in instore mural installations will be revealed and complimentary adult beverages provided for those 21 +.

About the Artist:

Known for creating psychedelic landscapes using the unique color palette he developed (mostly on the streets of New York), Eelco van den Berg is a Dutch painter, muralist, and illustrator. Mesmerized by hip-hop during elementary school, he ventured out, beginning his artistic career by writing graffiti.

At one point, he realized that lettering wasn’t sufficient in order to tell the complete story, so he turned to figuration. Now, his mostly hand-drawn work is characterized by its strong use of color, motifs, outlines and illustrative elements in a surrealistic pop art style.

Eelco is an internationally recognized muralist who is best known for his colorful, large scale murals mainly focusing on folk style animals and geometric shapes.

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