May 17th 2018

Join us for our first Field Trip! We’ll meet at the MoCP at 600 S. Michigan Ave at 7pm for a private print viewing of “Breaking the Binary: Queerness and the Image.”

The images focus on topics of youth, aging, identity, performance, and the notion of living an authentic life. The selection of works encourage students to discuss perceptions on identity and how photography can either represent or misrepresent that identity, while also navigating the artists’ choices in color, composition, point of view, and staging techniques.

About Overlook Field Trips:
Overlook Field Trips are a way to connect with a creative community and explore Chicago’s cultural happenings together. Ever wanted to go to a play or opening but couldn’t find someone to go with? Yea, so have we – so let’s go together! Each Field Trip will include an Overlook Chaperone to make sure the group feels supported and will offer to meet for coffee or a drink after the trip to talk about their trip, connect with one another, and inspire further conversation. Field Notes has generously donated notebooks for participants!

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