May 24th 2018


The inaugural entry in the STRANGE DAYS experimental sci-fi screening series, LIGHTWORKS is a special presentation of the films of Sky David, the artist formerly known as Dennis Pies. Painstakingly drawn by hand, these animated masterpieces are hallucinatory visions of a phantasmagorical landscape etched in light, bursting with kaleidoscopic colors and metaphysical symbolism. Sky David’s cosmic, otherworldly imagery calls to mind the 2001: A Space Odyssey “Star Gate” sequence, the beguiling paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, and the psychedelic liquid light shows of the 60s. Upon returning home as a veteran of the Vietnam War, Pies, without any prior art-making experience, turned to experimental cinema as a vehicle for catharsis and self-reinvention. Sky David’s work reached mainstream audiences in 1984, when he created special effects for the sci-fi thriller Dreamscape. In addition to filmmaking, Sky David has taught life sciences at Harvard, San Francisco State University, and other institutions for over 25 years, as well as maintaining a research facility in California where he studies the regenerative benefits of light-based detoxification therapy. This screening will feature a new electro-symphonic soundtrack performed live by local musician and composer Ben Van Vlissingen, who has scored countless film and television projects. Special thanks to Scrappers Film Group for digitally remastering Sky David’s films for this screening. Please note: some imagery may be considered inappropriate for younger audiences.

STRANGE DAYS is an experimental sci-fi screening series featuring cinema that exists outside the cultural hegemony. These films recapture the revolutionary, avant-garde spirit of science fiction and give us a new vernacular for interfacing with our contemporary extraterrestrial landscape. Pop-up screening info can be found at:

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