May 13th 2018

At Bounded Space

You have met a boundary line. Have you crossed this line before? Can you see it? Does it have height? Does it surround you? Does it provide you with a homeland? Does it give you shelter? Can the wind cross it? Did someone make it visible? Does it legally divide? Does it follow the flow of water? Did someone tell you not to cross it? Is the boundary dangerous? If you cross this boundary, can you still breath? Does the air become water? Do your lungs seize up in fear? Once you cross the line, can you come back? Would you want to? Do you feel more free? Is it a mirror image of where you came from? Are your stepping in? Are you stepping out? Do you feel different? Does it smell different? Do you belong?


Hui-min Tsen’s work explores the act of exploration itself with an emphasis on the individual’s everyday relationship with place, wonder, and the unknown. Through a series of projects ranging from boat-building to walking tours, she has sought to cross the distance between here and over there by reaching for the myth and mystery present in our everyday landscape. She received a BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, and an MFA in photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has showed and published with Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago Artists Coalition, MDW Fair, and Sector 2337, among others. Her book “The Pedway of Today” was published by Green Lantern Press in 2013. She currently teaches photography at Wright College and Loyola University.

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