May 4th 2018

Please join us for the opening of Emily Hutchings’ “Give me an account of your doings from the moment that I ceased to be a witness of them”.

Opening Reception:
Friday, 05/4/18

“Give me an account of your doings from the moment that I ceased to be a witness of them” is a solo exhibition of recent work by Emily Hutchings. A little over two years ago, Hutchings made a promise, out loud, to the world, with her voice, that she would never ever show her work in public, or work towards that as the goal. This is an exhibition of the work she has made since making that promise.

Her work has been waffling on and off, stepping in and out of a box of smoke for years, toying with ideas and trying to find the most insignificant among them to focus on; tweaking small things, repeating over time, changing in scale, over and over and over. Self-referential. Arbitrary measurements, unnecessary sentimentality, cramming together disparate parts; quoting, and quoting, and quoting.

This is Hutchings’ first solo show, and her last exhibition in Chicago before moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico to even more fully pursue the act of not being observed.

About the artist: Emily Hutchings is an artist and poet based in Chicago, IL. Her work has previously been published in Lumpen Magazine, and performed at LVL3, Thalia Hall and the Archer Ballroom. She is broadly interested in all forms and applications of nothingness and etymology.

About the space:
Hume Chicago is an artist-led, volunteer-run project space focused on creating space for, providing resources to, and elevating other emerging & traditionally underrepresented artists. Hume aims to serve the Humboldt Park and Logan Square communities through dynamic, accessible arts programming. We strive to foster an inclusive, creative environment in which emerging Chicago artists and their neighbors can commune and engage.

Hume maintains an open call for month-long exhibitions, workshops, and other creative projects proposed by emerging artists traditionally underrepresented in commercial galleries.

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Hume is an all-volunteer artist-run space. We welcome (and depend on!) monetary and in-kind donations. If you’d like to help us amplify the voices of underrepresented artists, please get in touch about donating goods or services at

Refreshments for this event are provided by the good folks at Burnt City Brewing.

Thanks to generous community donations, our exhibition space is now wheelchair accessible!

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