May 20th 2018

Queer Dance Connection: A Workshop Series

Come move, play, get weird and connect with your queer community! This beginner-friendly movement workshop series for people of all genders, all abilities, and all levels of dance experience will mix activities from various partner dances such as contact improv and queer tango, clowning, and cuddle parties.

Together, we will create an environment to have fun and connect with our bodies and each other. Any touch will be optional and consensual. The workshops will run from 3-5pm on four Sundays in spring 2018: March 18, April 15, May 20 and June 17 at Links Hall.

Celia Calder (they/them pronouns) is a non-binary trans dancer and performance artist from Chicago. They have experience in several social dances and are inspired by different ways that different dances can facilitate connections between human beings and help us connect with our own bodies. They are also excited about moving toward a culture of consent and gender celebration in dance. They have led dance workshops from Massachusetts to Spain, but this will be their Chicago debut


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