May 19th 2018

Art and Influence: black art in america in the age of social media
Many descriptive titles could attempt to sum up the profile of Najee Dorsey—World-class Artist, Founder and CEO of Black Art In America (BAIA), Collector, Producer and Arts Advocate would only be the tip of the iceberg. Those experiences and many more are what have shaped his unique perspective on the art market and its various art worlds. Najee has successfully carved out an individual space for himself.

BLACK ART IN AMERICA™ (BAIA) is the leading online portal and social network focused on African-American Art with nearly half a million visitors from over 100 countries.

Social media pages include Black Art In America, Do You Basel?, EveryThang Black and Garden Art for the Soul. BAIA amplifies thought-provoking commentary on today’s visual arts news from a variety of perspectives

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