Apr 7th 2018

Antecedent – a solo exhibition by Kristin Abhalter Smith and
Delta – a solo window installation by Kevin Link
April 5-28

Kristin Abhalter Smith manifests emotive sculpture, paintings, and wearables, evoking character, cast, and narrative for a
visionary designer’s opera. This practice is based in ideas of performance, yet rooted in the object. Operas encompass a full spectrum of staged emotions, from the joyful to the hyper-tragic. With ANTECEDENT at Ignition Project space, she will instigate the merging of forces, develop origin stories, and predict consequences through experiments with movement, gradients, and potential energy. There will be an audio design to accompany the installation, including compositions by Renaissance Man Charles Joseph
Smith and sound artist Corey Douglas Smith.

Kevin Link presents Delta, a solo installation. Between 0.1 to 4 hertz, Delta brainwaves are the slowest yet deepest frequency of six dominant brainwaves measured in humans. These patterns first appear in infancy, but remain crucial through adulthood, where they’re primarily detected in states of deep, dreamless sleep, bodily healing, and unconscious memory formation.

“Delta” represents a transformation of the Ignition Project Sapce gallery into a brain entrainment device designed to lull the viewer into a waking Delta state. The black light in this space pulses at 0.3 Hz over UV-reactive window artwork—inspired by the artist after Delta-inducing meditation—in hopes that these mysterious brainwaves can indeed spur healing, empathy, and inspiration sorely needed in divisive times such as these.

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