Apr 7th 2018

Jana Winderen’s live performances and immersive sound installations focus on audio environments and ecosystems that are difficult for humans to reach, both physically and aurally. Working in diverse locations, Winderen searches for sounds from hidden sources, frequencies that aren’t usually possible for us to perceive, or places that are hard to access.

Over the last twelve years she has collected recordings made by sea ice at the North Pole, rivers and oceans in various parts of the world, and from glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, and Norway, to name only a few of her audio-topographies. Embracing the sensory possibilities of sound and the immateriality of her medium, her work generates compelling new experiences of these places while taking us beyond the normal bounds of the human senses.

Here, Winderen presents Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone, a new, live eight-channel mix of underwater sounds recorded in the marginal ice zone, or the transition between open sea and sea ice, in the Barents Sea between Norwegian and Russian territorial waters.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is free, but due to limited capacity in the venue, we are requesting that attendees register in advance via the Eventbrite link above.

Venue: STAGE Lab, Reynolds Club, 1st floor, 5706 S. University Ave

Presented by the Renaissance Society and Lampo, in partnership with STAGE (Scientists, Technologists and Artists Generating Exploration) at the University of Chicago. Supported by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

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