Apr 12th 2018

Hokin Honors

@ Hokin Project

623 S Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60605

Opening Thursday, April 12th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Monday, April 30th

The Hokin Honors Exhibition is an annual collection of works by undergraduate artists from a wide variety of departments at Columbia College Chicago. Each of the artists showcased were nominated and mentored by a Columbia faculty member who believes their student shows exemplary work in their field of study. The Hokin Honors Exhibition thrives on the diversity of artists and mediums that Columbia College Chicago has to offer. For our 25th year, our show features works from 27 undergraduates exhibiting a wide range of art forms including photography, woodworking, film, drawing, fashion planning, dance, costume design, audio, installation pieces, and many more.

Featured Artists
Arts & Art History
Emily Moe, Faculty Mentor: Joan Giroux
Izzy Aimone, Faculty Mentor: Joan Giroux
Lee Gusman, Faculty Mentor: Anna Kunz
Lily Cozzens, Faculty Mentor: Anna Kunz

Cinema Arts & TV
Jay Kaplin, Faculty Mentor: Carolina Posse

Andrea Torres, Faculty Mentor: Dardi McGinley-Gallivan
Brianna Heath, Faculty Mentor: Colleen Halloran
Camila Rivero, Faculty Mentor: Lisa Gonzales

Abby Jo Turner, Faculty Mentor: Chris Eliopoulos
Haley Fischer, Faculty Mentor: Debra Kayes

Fashion Studies
Lindsay Holeso, Faculty Mentor: Dana Connell
Shaquita Reed, Faculty Mentor: Virginia Heaven
Aliyah MacCrindle, Karli Mittel, Ami Klinker, Faculty Mentor: Audrean Jurgens

Interactive Arts & Media
Alexander Graner, Faculty Mentor: William Guschwan

Miles Allen, Faculty Mentor: Ilya Levinson

Niko Gerentes, Faculty Mentor: George Zarr
Iridian Fierro, Faculty Mentor: James Mitchem

Rachel Schafer, Faculty Mentor: Alison Carey
Cody Schlabaugh, Faculty Mentor: Jay Wolke
Karly Fish, Faculty Mentor: Ross Sawyers

Science & Mathematics
Logan Meyer, Faculty Mentor: Dave Dolak
Michael Pantelios, Faculty Mentor: Dave Dolak

Ben Carne, Faculty Mentor: Heather Gilbert
Annaliese Voci, Faculty Mentor: Francis Maggio
Kacey Bradshaw, Faculty Mentor: Nykol Dedreu

The Hokin Project is a Gallery Management Practicum course of the Business & Entrepreneurship Department, in collaboration with the Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces (DEPS). The Hokin Project provides students of all majors with gallery management, exhibition, curatorial, and design experience. The Project presents the work of the Columbia College Chicago community through programs, events, and exhibitions.

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