Apr 11th 2018

As part of our Guest curator series we welcome
Dane Haiken as he presents


“Sooner or later, every filmmaker goes back to scenes like this: two people, in a room, talking… It’s scenes like this that tell you what they really care about.” – Tony Zhou, Every Frame A Painting

A shorts collection on that most elemental feature of film grammar: the duet. Two characters talking, the audience gaming out what each one wants, how they will get it, and whether they got it. Join guest programmer Dane Haiken in exploring variations and abstractions on the theme of duality through seven local short films.

this (2016), Lyra Hill, 3 min

The Wayward Wind (2017), Monica Thomas & Steve Delahoyde, 4 min

Blacklight Dream (2017), Troy Lewis, 11 min

Discontinuity (2016), Lori Felker, 15 min

Hallowstide (2017), Stephen Socki, 4 min

How to Abandon Ship (2012), Robin McKay, 11 min

Solo (2017), T.Will, 12 min

Wham (2017), Robert Carter, 3 min

More TBA.

Total Runtime: 60 min
Media: Digital Projection

For the months of April and May the Guest curator series invites independent film programmers to Comfort Film to share their vision of what film means to them.

No BYOB please.

The Comfort Station Curator Series is programmed by Raul Benitez and Nando Espinosa Herrera.

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