Mar 3rd 2018

Please join us for, Within the Walls: a conversation between our resident artists and curators that takes a glimpse into what’s happening within the walls at The Overlook. An experimental approach to the tired traditional artist/curator talks.

For this Within the Walls, the first half of the evening will be an open studio with Artists in Residence Qais Assali & Giselle Mira-Diaz— giving the opportunity to speak with the artists and take a look at what they have been making while in residence. Then we will have a blend of conversation and response between Exhibiting Artists in our current exhibition, January/February Artists in Residence Qais Assali & Giselle Mira-Diaz, and curator Alexis Brocchi.

The Overlook’s current exhibition Process: what it was when it wasn’t asks what does a practice of process look like? Viewing process as an investigation created by the desire to explore ideas and communicate, we will jump into conversations on the themes between the starting point, the end result, and all that happens in between.

We will expand on the common threads in the practices of these artists and reflect on how the exhibition focus has shifted or informed their thoughts on the process-practice relationship. Artists are invited to respond to an artwork on the wall (or floor) of their choosing—in words or creatively— to experimentally explore questions like: How has their work been affected by pieces included in the exhibition? Did any specific artwork by another artist in the show touch or inspire them to start a new project? What does it mean to have your artwork, incomplete or finished pieces, live in the same space as others and how is that connected to what you make alone in your studio?

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