Mar 9th 2018

Prelude to the Flood

@ New Works

3403 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60651

Opening Friday, March 9th, from 7PM - 11PM

On view through Friday, March 23rd

New Works is proud to present Prelude to the Flood in its inaugural exhibition, showcasing work by Ivana Brenner, Alexandra Neuman, Min Baek, Anwar Mahdi, Carla Steppan, Mariana Parisca, Ten Yitian Yan and Jing Yu, S. Nicole Lane, Andrew Monborne and performance collective Club Earth Angel. Cocktails by Tony DelesDernier.

“The Flood” myth has a distinctly atemporal quality: present in its most ancient form in the Epic of Gilgamesh, its biblical form in Noah’s Ark, and the ancient Greek mythos of Deucalion and Pyhrra, as well as many others. In co-opting “The Flood”, we situate our exhibition within a narrative that is grounded in the primal. An origin of sorts. Here the image of Portuguese laureate Fernando Pessoa adopts Noah’s role. Unexpectedly approached by the divine, he is alerted of the impending disaster and ordered to construct a ship capable of safeguarding life itself. Horrified by the revelation, he enters a state of delusion and foresees himself in the endlessly vast deck of the ship: starving to death, seasick and afraid; continuously visited by endless hoards of heteronomic ghosts devised throughout a lifetime of intellectual militancy. In a desperate attempt to regain consciousness he tries to kill and eat a chicken but cannot decide whether to eat the male or the female bird. A monkey breaks loose. This exhibition ultimately attempts to provide space for a wide array of attitudes and approaches to making—as varied and contradictory as Pessoa’s aliases and perhaps as numerous as animals on board.

New Works is an artist run project space based in Humboldt Park Chicago. We aim to present a diverse array of experimental exhibitions removed from medium specificity. The intermittent use of white-cube spaces against the rough industrial nature of an active studio comments on the contingent nature of curatorial dispositions. Ultimately, prioritizing nothing but the relationship between the artist and their work vs. the architectural variables that govern us. New Works is run by Antonio López and Rebecca Lothan.

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