Mar 9th 2018

Join the Platypus Affiliated Society at SAIC as we mark the release of the latest volume from Platypus Publishing: Marxism in the Age of Trump!

We will be hosting a conversation with editor and contributor Chris Cutrone on Trump, the Millennial Left, and the transformation of neoliberal politics.

From the verso:

“The present crisis of neoliberalism is a crisis of its politics. In this way it mirrors the birth of political neoliberalism, in the Reagan-Thatcher Revolution of the late 1970s through early 1980s. The economic crisis of 2007-2008 took eight years to manifest as a political crisis. That political crisis was expressed by SYRIZA’s election in Greece, Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to leadership of the Labour Party, the Brexit referendum, and Bernie Sanders’ as well as Donald Trump’s campaign for President of the U.S. Now Trump’s election is the most dramatic expression of this political crisis of neoliberalism.”

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