Feb 15th 2018

Shorts Program

@ Block Museum

40 Arts Circle Dr, Evanston, IL 60208

Opening Thursday, February 15th, from 7PM - 9PM

This program of recent documentary shorts is focused on the work of Austin, Texas-based couple Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas, who have been receiving extensive praise on the film festival circuit for their semi-ethnographic films shot in Florida. Their three films here take as their subjects the elaborate prom preparations by students and parents in the small rural town of Pahokee (The Send-Off); a weekly rabbit hunt in the Everglades by one of those students and his family (The Rabbit Hunt); and the recent phenomenon of gawkers staking out the Palm Beach International Airport, trying to catch a glimpse of Donald Trump on his frequent visits to Mar-A-Lago (Roadside Attraction). Bresnan and Lucas’ verité style treats their quirky subjects respectfully, letting their humanity show through. The program is rounded out by two local films: Milad Mozari’s Standing Nymph and Man is a haunting visual and aural exploration of the landmark Fine Arts building in downtown Chicago; and Rachel Pikelny’s Grace is a powerful and moving portrait a breast cancer survivor who counters her mastectomy through an elaborate tattoo.

The Send-Off (Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas, 2016, USA, DCP, 12 min.)

The Rabbit Hunt (Patrick Bresnan, 2017, USA, DCP, 12 min.)

Roadside Attraction (Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas, 2017, USA, DCP, 10 min.)

Standing Nymph and Man (Milad Mozari, 2017, USA, digital, 17 min.)

Grace (Rachel Pikelny, 2017, USA, digital, 16 min.)

In Person: directors Patrick Bresnan, Ivete Lucas, Milad Mozari, and Rachel Pikelny

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