Feb 27th 2018

We are excited to feature one of the artists, Rachel Foster, included in our current exhibition Process: what it was when it wasn’t for a special edition of our program Possibilities of Print!

So Much I Want to Tell You is a PowerPoint presentation that exists in the grey area between artist’s talk and performance piece. It is the digitized version of (and the stories behind) the prints featured in So Deep As A Well. The two projects overlap, sharing much of the same content.

Intending to replicate how we experience the Internet, randomized but curated information is presented in rapid-fire succession leaving the viewer to decode its collective meaning. A timer is set, when the timer goes off, the presentation is over. Images, music, quotes, and stories are constantly being added to the slideshow, with the slides being randomized before each presentation so no two iterations are identical.

About the Program:

Possibilities of Print is an experimental reading, discussion— and sharing— series that aims to explore how print has left a mark or impression on you, personally and creatively. With a focus on the power and importance of printed materials— anything including but not limited to diaries, journals, news pamphlets, magazine ads, books, street signs, etc.— we want to explore how the act of distributing and discovering physically written and printed matter affects the flow of ideas and knowledge in an artist’s life, practice, and community.

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